Elon Musk SpaceX company

Elon Musk is known for many different company that are now worth billions of dollars. He is the CEO for SolarCity, Tesla, Paypal and SpaceX. There are many different people that helped him found these companies, but the one that will end up helping society the most if it is completed is SpaceX. The whole point of SpaceX is to try and get people from the earth to Mars and start a colony on another planet. Elon musk stated, “I just want to help society and help make Mars a habitable planet.”

SpaceX has had its up and downs going through the process of crating the Falcon 1. The reason why SpaceX is such a valuable thing to the government, is because Elon Musk found a way to cut down the price of creating rockets by making them on there own in there factory. Most other factories make get there products already made and have to pay more for the finished products.

Elon Musk formed the Falcon 1 and went to test it out on its first test run. The first test went bad, a fire broke out and caused the rocket to fall uncontrolled back to earth. The Falcon 1 was destroyed falling right back into the launch pad as people gathered pieces in a reef as many as they could. The person at fault was a technician who accidentally did not tighten a b-nut and it came loose during the flight. Elon wanted to launch again withing 6 months. The rocket ended up taking a year to get ready for its next launch.

The second test was under way. The rocket took off and everything seemed good. Elon was cheering and sitting next to his technicians he said,”We did it.” He was so excited for 5 glorious minutes until they rocket split apart and started to wiggle. All was now bad as it blew up and was gone in space forever. There third test was also unsuccessful because the rocket went up and for some reason failed as it fell back to earth.

Elon had lost most hope and was fighting to keep SpaceX going. He was begging and looking for anything he could find money wise. He was practically broke and SpaceX was failing. The company had to get there money in before Christmas deadline. Musk somehow made it. Mush was spending the holidays with his family when he received a call that NASA gave SpaceX a $1.6 Billion contract to supply the ISS with much needed items. Elon fell onto his knees and broke into tears. SpaceX was on its was to the fourth and possibly the last attempt at the launch.

The forth test came around and with the higher and more advanced computers, the fourth launch was looking good. Elon had made it 2 minutes before the launch. He was coming back from Disneyland where he was releasing his stress by spending quality time with his family. The people were cheering and everything was fine.  The rocket separated into phases just as planned and off it was as it made its way back the SpaceX employees and Elon Musk could finally breathe.

In conclusion, SpaceX is a very great company and will soon be able to get people to Mars and set up a whole different planet and create a more happy enviornment on earth. Elon Mush is a great man and will someday change the world to make it a great place because of SpaceX, Tesla, Solarcity, and Paypal.