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Billy and the Printer

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The printer has been in the family for ten years. It’s a gray Sony LC 500 printer that has been collecting dust for ten years. It was a baby shower gift for the Belingo family. It was Billy’s baby shower. That was 3 years ago. The printer had been collecting dust because there was something wrong with the printer so it wouldn’t turn on. After that they put the printer in the attic and never had seen it again. Then ten years later ten year old Billy had been doing good at his school in Phoenix, Arizona. That school rated the best private school in Arizona. Billy was in 5th grade but the school that he goes to does 2 grades up of whatever grade you were in. For example if you were in 2nd grade you would do 4th grade academics. Since Billy was in 5th grade he did 7th grade academics. Billy had a ten page essay that was do on Friday. The day that he found out about this essay was on Monday. That mean he only had one week to do it. He was so stressed out because this was worth 500 points. If he got a bad grade on this assignment he would get kicked out of that school. So billy worked on  that assignment every day after he got back from football practice.

On Thursday night he had finished it. He had no printer thought. The directions said it had to be printed. Then Billy asked his mom if they had a printer. Billy’s mom  remembered that the she still had the printer that she got at he baby shower in the attic. So Billy and his mom went up into the attic with all the spider webs spider, ant and it even had a bat. They went up and saw the printer just sitting there. They took it and ran because they wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. They took the printer and out it on the desk right next to the computer. Then they tried to turn it on and it turned on right away. Billy’s mom was so surprised because it had been collecting dust and the first time she turned it on ten years ago it didn’t turn on. Then billy printed his project. Billy didn’t realize that it didn’t print the project that he wrote, it printed an A+ project.

Billy went to school the next day and turned the project into the teacher. That school was so ahead of everybody that they had a machine that graded your papers instantly. So Billy’s teacher Ms. Riley had put the paper into the machine and the machine said A+. Ms Riley gave the paper back and said good job to Billy. Billy look at the paper and realized that that wasn’t his paper. He had home work the next day and Billy went right to the printer and just wrote a couple word and then printed it. It had all the right answered on it. Billy then realized that he didn’t have to do anymore schoolwork.


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Billy and the Printer