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Twisted Fairy Tales ~ Ariel

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I woke up in a clam shell. The world truly is an oyster, and I guess that makes me pearl.

My hair, as always, was a giant red mess. The smooth abalone of the shell was uncomfortable, and the sheet was worn thin. The pillow was off on the sandy floor, and my sisters were all sitting around their vanities doing their makeup.

Vanity. Vain. What a great word to describe them.

Adella had dark hair and a light magenta tail. She was the flirtiest of all of us, always trying her hardest to look pretty to appease a boy. Aquata, bless her soul, was poking around, but not doing any make up. Her coral color scheme was outspoken, despite her shyness. Andrina was vibrant, dancing around with her bright rainbow tail, her short brown hair waving around messily. Alana was treating her black hair, making sure it had its signature sheen, despite it being underwater. Arista was grooming her own platinum blonde, which was easily disguised as white, hair. Attina, the oldest of us, was watching over us and making sure no one got into a fight.

They each loved each other, but themselves most of all. That’s probably why my best friend wasn’t nearly as well kept as any of them.

Not wanting to engage with any of them, I glided through the water, right out of the castle into the sea. I flew in the water, looping in circles and gliding around until I reached a cavern in the deep corners of the sea. I knew few people dared to venture there. It was the realm of the great Sea Witch, Laricasta. But I wasn’t there to see her, far from it.

I was going to see my best friend, Ursula.


There is a lot of stress when your parent is an important person. If they are evil, like Laricasta, no one wants to be your friend. If they are royalty, like my father, you are bombarded by people. Either way, it sucks. From what I understood, until I started adventuring a few years ago, Ursula hadn’t had any friends. Now, we were besties. We were tight.

Even though I only visited her once a week.

But those were the always the greatest days. I would stand outside her spooky grotto, knocking on her door until I could see her shadow on the door. I would complain, saying,  “But it have fresh cookies!” and “The fish will eat me!” until she opened the door. They were lies, but they got me to see my friend.

She would open the door, and I would always look at her in awe. She had deep purple skin and perfect white hair. She was gorgeous and happy, but she would never go outside and flaunt it. I wish she would.

“Urs!” I exclaimed, running up to hug her. The tendrils around the bottom of her girlish dress wiggled, propelling her towards me. She reluctantly hugged me back, then led me outside her home. Even if I wanted to look inside, I never could catch a glimpse. Ursula was too embarrassed by her mother to let anyone inside, unless they were patients. In which case, her mother would force Ursula to wait in her room. I pity her.

“So, Urs,” I started speaking as we swam to a water meadow, “I saw this totally cute human to other day!” She looked at me and rolled her eyes. “Come on, Ursula, why aren’t you interested?”

She looked up at me, then said quietly, “With all this time you’re spending up there, it seems like you feel that you are too cool for me. I wanted to hang out with you the other day, but you were swimming around making fishy faces at boys.”

“Sorry, Urs, but, the up there world is just so interesing! I want to explore it! Everything, everyone here is so drab and dull and boring! I want to go up there and live with the people!” I exclaimed, trying to bring excitement into her eyes.

“Everyone is so drab, and dull and boring?” She looked hurt. Something must have happened to her the other day. Normally she was so excited about humans, but now she just looked dejected.

I started to say, “But, Ursula, it is! You’re not, of course, but it’s just too routine!”, but she cut me off with a harsh, “No.”

“If what you really, truly want is time up there, then go do it. But I still don’t think you should be with this ‘boyfriend’ of yours.” She shook her head and sighed.

“He hasn’t dated me… yet! Wait. Does this mean you think we have a chance!” I’m such an idiot. I couldn’t see her clear pain.

“Ari.. Erghhh.. Ugh!” She was shaking with anger, her purple skin looking pink with her boiling blood. “If you really want help with going up to him, here, I’ll help you. You’ll need to sing.” I knew she being honest, although she really didn’t want me to leave. “You’ll need to sing,” She added.

She started speaking, saying weird foreign words such as, “legs,” and “dirt” and other strange things. I did as she asked, contributing my voice until she stopped speaking.

I tried asking her, “Did it work?” but nothing came out of my mouth. It seemed that her speaking had taken my voice. And something strange was happenening, My tail was melting into two flesh colored sticks. What the heck is happening?

I tried swimming upwards, but my two dangly things, I’m pretty sure they are legs, weren’t very capable of it. I tried, but my legs kept getting tired and falling behind me. Ursula looked at me in pity, then muttered one more spell and I was forced upwards to a sandy beach. I knew it was sand, because sand is everywhere down where I was used to be.

Why did I even go up there? It was so safe down there. Up here, there were weird people staring and my hair was flat and there weren’t even any cute boys!

I stumbled around for a little while until I found my groove with my legs. I walked upon the hard gray… things until I found something familiar. There was a castle. And going into the castle, was that boy I saw that one time sailing. This must be the place where I returned him.

That was a wild day. Dad was angry with the servants- why, I have no idea- and the sea reflected his behavior, making it rough for sailors. I saw a large boat rocking around, barely keeping stable, and him. My love. He was trying his hardest to stay aboard, and he fell. I saved him and returned him to shore.

He tried to strangle me. It was adorable.

I could barely hear what he was saying. Something about a ball? and finding a suitor?

I knew this was my chance. I knew if I even wanted a chance I’d have to dress up, and all I was wearing now was a plain top and a skirt that looked remarkably like my original tail.

I spent approximately two hours communicating without speech. I walked around until I found a tailor, then I used my hands to demonstrate length that goes from my chest to my toes.

“A skirt and blouse?” the man asked. I shook my head, emphazizing that they were one object. “A dress?” I nodded, and he got to work, pinning pins and draping fabric over a body form. Almost as if it was magic, I was in a gorgeous pink gown that fit me remarkably well. My feet were so restricted, that I felt like I had my fins.

Apparently, when you get something, you need to buy it. As a princess before, I only needed to have a tiara on my head and I could have whatever I wanted. So, when I ran out of the shop, the man started screaming, “Thief! Thief!” until I was too far back for him to catch me.

About five hours later, after catching my breath, it was time for the ball. I walked in, and lo and behold, that same tailor was inside. I was screwed.

I wish I could say that I strode in and kissed the prince, and all was well. Alas, that was merely the ending I desired. It turns out balls are heavily guarded and you can only get in if you have an invitation. The tailor ended up screaming, “It’s the thief lady!” and I was quickly accosted and dragged into a dungeon.

Oh well. It’s sad I can’t tell them who I am. And that I will never see my prince. Ursula was right. The upperworld sucks.

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Twisted Fairy Tales ~ Ariel