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Interview with Miles and Grayson on the Ravens Vs. Raiders

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The Baltimore Ravens Vs. Oakland Raiders game was an okay blowout. The Ravens won 30-17 and gave the Raiders their 3rd loss of the season. The Ravens improved to 3 and 2, while staying in 2nd place in their division. Grayson is a big fan of the Raiders and Miles is a big fan of the Ravens. I took the time to interview best friends who turned enemies during this game.

Grayson’s point of view: I started off by asking the question, Why did the Raiders lose the game and he replied, “The play calling was horrible and sucked.” I was surprised to hear this so I asked who made the bad play calling and he told me in a commanding voice, “The coaches and our defense could not produce.” The answer I got was what I was expecting. I then said that losing to the Ravens was shocking and how did it happen and he told me,”The Raiders offense is good and can produce very good numbers, but their defense is trash and all the Raiders do is focus on offense and that will get us nowhere. The final question was what happened to Derek Carr and why did he miss the game. He replied saying,” Derek Carr will be back next week for the Chargers and we will for sure beat the Chargers if Derek Carr is back and our team plays good.”

Miles’s point of view: I now moved on to the winning team of the Ravens Vs. Raiders match up. The first question I asked was, Why did the Ravens have success and in great detail he responded with, “The Ravens stepped up and played better then any other game. The Raiders were not ready for the Ravens explosive offense and Joe Flacco stepped it up too.” I was not too surprised with his answer so I proceeded to the next question and it was were the Raiders better without Derek Carr or with Derek Carr. I got the response of,” The Raiders are better without Derek Carr because he has been playing pretty awful and not playing like there last season. The Ravens won playing against a better Quarterback too.” The final question I asked was how do you think the Ravens are going to do against the Bears next week and will you be able to contain Jordan Howard. He was ready for this question because he said,”Jordan who?” I said Jordan Howard again and he responded with, “Jordan Howard will get eaten alive by CJ Mosely and the Ravens will have to decide if they want to beat the Bears by 20 or 30 points. The Bears won’t stand a chance chance on offense against a very high powered offense and they defense will get exposed.

I now realize that you can be best friends with someone, but when it comes time to a football game against each others favorite teams they can become enemies. The Ravens are looking good this season, but the Raiders need to step up there game if they want any hopes of even making the wildcard game this season.

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Interview with Miles and Grayson on the Ravens Vs. Raiders