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Places to go to for Halloween

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Halloween is fun you get candy and get scared. If you want to go some where with your friends for Halloween and get scared here are some places to go for Halloween with your friends.

When you want to go somewhere for Halloween with your friends or family go to Six Flags. Six Flags is a fun place to go with your friends if you like roller coasters, scary things, and getting scared. At six flags they have an event known as fright fest from October 6th to October 8th, for the weekend. Fright fest is an event at Six Flags for Halloween. It is when people who work at Six Flags dress up scary and they scare you. They even scare you when you are on a ride and can sit next to you.

Another place you should go to with your friends or family for Halloween is Disneyland. Disneyland is every child’s dream to go there. Disneyland is an amusement park with to parks, one is Disneyland park and the other park is the California Adventure park. They both have rides for kids to enjoy. and they have rides for older kids or adults to enjoy. They also have the Disney characters there for children to meet and they can take pictures and get there autographs. Disneyland has events for Halloween. They also have an event for children to trick or treat, they have a dance party event at California Adventure Land and they also have an event for children to see the characters from Cars dressed in Halloween costumes. They also have new Halloween Thrills for older kids and adults such as, Guardians of the Galaxy and Monsters After Dark.

Another place to go for Halloween with friends or family is, to go to a haunted house. Haunted houses are fun, you get to get scared and candy.

Lastly, another place you can go to for Halloween with your friends or family, is also another amusement park, it is Universal Studios. Universal Studios is hosting a Halloween Horror Nights even from now until November 4th. It is a scary event for you to get scared with your friends or family. They have a section of the amusement park where it is called “Chucky Town” with Chucky dolls walking around and creeping up on you and jump scaring you. It is Chucky dolls from the movie with a Chucky doll. They also have a Terror Tram, Scare Zones, 8 terrifying mazes and a new Jabbawockeez Show.

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Places to go to for Halloween