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Things That Some Teachers do That I Hate

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Teachers can do things that are really cool such as give you snacks or give you extra credit if your grade is low. But sometimes teachers can just get on your nerves. Here are some things that teachers do that me and other people hate.

To start things off, I hate when teachers decide to mark down a grade even though you do something right but you didn’t do what they asked. For example, in math you could get an answer right, but you did it differently. Or you write an essay in Microsoft word instead of google docs. The reason I hate this is because you basically got the answer right, so what is the problem? Also if you are a teacher, you should let the student choose what to do because 1) you can ask them what they did and 2) you should probably know what they do because you should know what the student is doing. So to just say that one of your students did the problem in a different way and mark them down is just stupid if they got the right answer.

Teachers sometimes also let other kids copy your ideas. So what I mean by this is that a teacher would see what a child is writing about and say it is okay and see a child doing the same thing and saying that it is okay. I hate this because If the children who worked on that and finished, one would be better than the other and would make the other person that did that wonder what the other person did that made his/her better than what they did. Another problem is that someone doing the same thing, the teacher would probably see the same facts twice from both ideas.

So with the complaints that I have said, you may say that it is wrong or there are situations that make the other two things invalid like if it is your fault and you didn’t do the right problem or you are working on a group project. But the last thing may be something that is not invalid. Imagine this: your going to your next class and it has been quiet all day. nobody was talking and everything seems fine. There are five minutes until the bell rings and everyone starts talking. The bell rings and you get up and your teacher says that they dismiss you not the bell. I hate this so much more than the other two combined. The reason I hate this one is because rather your teacher doesn’t let you pack up or your have a class far away from the class you are currently in. First the teacher probably notices that you have like one minute to pack up and still teaches or the teacher hears the bell ring and doesn’t let any one out until you’re quiet. This has happened to me and it wasn’t even my fault. Look if you think of teaching when you’re older or are teaching, please for the love of god let kids have time to pack up and let them leave when the bell rings.

Some teachers are not like this, but for the ones who do any of these, please stop it.

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Things That Some Teachers do That I Hate