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Best 4 University’s To Go To In California

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The best University’s to go to is University Of California Los Angles aka UCLA, University Of California Berkeley, UC San Diego, UC Davis. I am going to tell you the reasons why you should get into one of these University’s one by one.

UCLA – UCLA is academically competitive and challenging, it provides many chances for making connections that’ll be useful in finding a job, and there are so many activities to do, places to go, and people to meet here. The campus is beautiful, it has its own garden, pools, and a gym! Another reason why a person should consider attending UCLA is because it is one of the highest ranked public schools in the nation. You get a great education with some very well known professors and there are a lot of research opportunities there for you.

Berkeley – The University of California Berkeley is often referred to as Cal and it is overlooking the San Francisco Bay. UC Berkeley has the best Chemistry program in the world tied to one of the best hospitals and medical schools in the world, if you want to become a doctor Berkeley is the best fit because they teach you everything you are suppose to know when you become a doctor. Also to enter Berkeley Students will only enter the university if they have high GPAs and standardized test scores from high school.

UC Davis – If you are into animals and love the nature you should go to UC Davis. Someone should attend the University of California Davis are if you are nature loving, enjoy the small town life, and love animals. Reason being is because Davis is a small town that is surrounded by a gorgeous landscape and large fields. UC Davis is very affordable. The University of California Blue and Gold Program offers free tuition to residents of California who make less than $50,000 and families who make less than $80,000. I think that’s also a very good reason to go to UC Davis because the tuition is much cheaper than other schools with the same education.

UC San Diego – UCSD is well known for its great science programs, amazing research, and beautiful location. The academic programs are highly ranked and the people on campus are very friendly. Anyone who would love to work in science should definitely attend it. It’s so close to the beach that you can surf, swim, snorkel, paddle board, kayak anything to do with the ocean, you can do it which is pretty cool if you love the outside.

These are the reasons why you should attend these schools because most of them have the best programs for everyone.

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Best 4 University’s To Go To In California