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Top 20 basketball players at Hale Charter Academy

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The most popular sport at Hale is basketball. Kids are out during lunch everyday on the blacktop playing basketball and trying to show off there skills. There are very few kids at Hale who have deadly potential in basketball and go a long way in there careers. I will be naming the top 20 basketball players in 8th grade at Hale Charter Academy.

#20: Justin Bell: He is very aggressive and very athletic, but jokes around too much and doesn’t take basketball seriously like most players
#19: Miles: plays basketball for a league and is a smart shooter with the ball, but is not fully focused on basketball and more on football
#18: Phillip: He is tall and plays basketball a lot, but he does not have a good IQ on the sport. He is not smart with the ball
#17: Josh Klein: Josh is a very good shooter and will take the smartest shots. He makes good passes, but does not play basketball as his main sport
#16: Kamari: He is very fast and can get all around the court in a very fast time. He plays basketball, but his sport is football
#15: Greg: He is very fast and can dribble the ball very well, but his height and all the complainning will affect him going forward
#14: Sam: He is also a very fast player, but most of the time does not like to play against taller players and gets very intimidated because of his height
#13: Justin Pham: He is a pretty tall kid and is big enough to body people off the ball and grab the rebounds for his team
#12: Arlies: Really tall and can use his height to his advantage. He doesn’t make good decisions when he has the ball and in pressure.
#11: Sean Cullen: He is very fast player with the ball and can dribble the ball very well. He does not like to take matters into his own hands though.
#10: Sean Hull: He is very dedicated and knows the sports very well. He shoots threes all the time, but lack of passing may hurt him
#9: Taj Campbell: He is a very strong and aggressive player, but he has a very long shot form that is slow and easy to block if a tall person were trying to block him
#8: Cody: He is a very aggressive basketball player and takes good shots when he needs too. He also has a ton of assists in every one of his games
#7: RJ: He is a great shooter and can make clutch plays when it comes to 3 point shots. He also has good defense, but he is very nervous in most games with the ball
#6: Edwardo: He plays for a team that is under the radar, but is a monster at school, when he plays against the other top kids in Hale
#5: Brody: He is a big monster under the hoop getting all the rebounds offense and defense, and he is a great put back finisher off missed layups
#4: De’sean: He has been jumping around to different teams, but is selfish and unselfish when it comes to handling the ball. He is a deadly shooter and has great hops
#3: Evan: He is a very fast and smart point guard. Many people can’t guard him because of his dominant passing and driving to the hoop ability
#2: Garnett: He is tall and very athletic. He understands the game very well and can dribble the ball like a point guard and has very good size on most kids
#1: Jacob: I am a very deadly point guard who is fast and can dribble through any press. I can make flashy passes and drain clutch shots to help my team win

There are many other players in Hale, but these are the top 20 kids in my opinion. I could make a list of 100 kids, but this is the top 20.

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Top 20 basketball players at Hale Charter Academy