iPhone 8

The all new iPhone 8 has finally come out! Apple and everyone has been talking about the iPhone 8 for years and it is finally here.

People have been saying many different features about the iPhone 8. Some people have been saying that the camera on the iPhone 8 is going to be up and down instead of side to side. Others have been saying that the home button is going to be on the back or there is not going to be a home button at all. Many people were saying many crazy things about the iPhone 8.

A year later, the iPhone 8 still hadn’t came out. “I am so bummed that it is not even out yet.” “When will it be here?” Everyone was so excited and they always would talk about it. The iPhone 8 was a really big thing to everyone. There were so many rumors on how it was going to look or be. Everyone was just so anxious to see the all new iPhone 8 but yet, it still was not there.

Another year came by and everyone knows that the iPhone 8 is going to come out super soon. Everyone is mentioning the new phone to everyone and the news has been spreading around everywhere. Months later and it is time, the iPhone 8 came out. People all around the world were so excited. Once everyone saw the iPhone 8, they were shocked. Although, there were good reviews on the new iPhone 8. There were the same colors, but some different features on the new iPhone. The phone has most of the same features as the iPhone 7 or 6. The iPhone 8 has better camera quality than the past phones that were already made. Everything is mostly the same between the 8 and 7, etc.

The all new feature of the iPhone 8 is… the back of the phone is glass and not metal. Everyone has been loving it. The back is very very glossy and shiny. The new feature is outstanding and so many people love it. There were to many good reviews. “I love this!’ “It’s finally here!!” “This is so cool!” Parents and kids have been saying. The iPhone 8 is very pleasant to look at and to have although, it is very, very breakable because the back is pure glass. If someone drops their iPhone 8 without a case on their phone, the whole back might shatter. So if you ever get the iPhone 8, be careful with your phone.