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How we can Improve Safety at our School

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Hale Charter Academy has a safe overall environment. But there are places at the school that really make it a place to be cautious at. In this article, I will be talking about things that affect our safety and how they can easily be fixed.

The first place is where the crosswalks are located. The problem I find with the crosswalks are that it is basically a system of ongoing students to the point where cars can’t leave (This is before and after school). Basically both crosswalks rather have people crossing or cars going through the street. The reason I feel this is a problem with this is because you could easily have an accident there without any sort of adult.

The second place is where the ice cream truck is located. The problem with the ice cream truck is that it is just very crowded. This is a problem because if you want to go to Platt Village or any where else, it could be hard to go to it because you have to go through the ice cream truck and would be a little hard to go through there. Now you could say you could just take another road going to where ever you need to go, but what if there is road construction and that is the only place you can go through? Also the area near the ice cream truck, people sometimes just jaywalk (this doesn’t happen mostly but it does sometimes.) which would confuse drivers as well as also lead to an accident happening.

Now with these problems,, there has to be a way to fix the problems. The easiest way is to have four people at the crosswalks and one near the the ice cream truck. The reasons there should be four people instead of two is so there are two in the morning and two in the evening (or before and after school). This could fix the problem where it is rather the car or the the student move. The one at the ice cream truck can make sure there is room for people to roam through the street and make sure no one jaywalks. This could improve safety and prevent accidents from happening at Hale a bit more than what it was before.

Safety at our school is an important factor, and if you make the non safe places safe, it would be safer.

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How we can Improve Safety at our School