Is VR Ok to use?

Virtual Reality is the newest hit on the market with endless possibilities with only using a piece of cardboard, but is this constant movement good for your eyes or is it really hurting them?

A Virtual Reality headset has the ability to alter reality into a make believe or non fiction type of setting that is immersive according to the viewer. The headset’s job is to create a 360 degree universe for the player/ viewer which can change your perception of the real world. Many people report being absolutely amazed while others feel sick to their stomachs because of motion sickness.

The makers of these VR headsets (Virtual reality) set restrictions that say you must be 12 or older to use the headset. Why is that? Being younger than the age restriction is how you become dizzy because of flashing lights and movement in the game or movie. Which means someone who is seven years old may experience eye damage that are not permanent as far as scientists know. We do know that certain types of content is what can cause dizziness or motion sickness. Which comes along with other temporary problems that have to do with the eyes.

Why would the Headset be good to use? If you are not one of the individuals who have amblyopia (an imbalance in visual strength between the two eyes), strabismus (misaligned eyes), or other conditions that inhibit focusing, depth perception or normal 3D vision may not experience the 3D effects of VR headsets. Then it is safe for you to play these types of games. A VR headset can also be a first person learning experience because it can teach through a visual way and not just with a textbook. VR can be considered a useful tool, and perhaps even a productive enhancement to human interaction, bringing together people from around the world to engage and interact — regardless of social, economic or geographic disparities. In the abstract as well as the applied, modern education is poised to take advantage of this latest tech innovation, according to Elizabeth Reede.

In conclusion, a VR headset may be the right thing on the market to spend some alone time or learn something new about yourself and the world. Scientists say that effects are not always permanent, but can still damage the eyes so every headset comes with a restriction as to the cause if you are under age. VR is a highly advanced way to spend time and learn and you should consider trying it.