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Dress Code

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Dress code at Hale Charter Academy is really getting out of hand in the year of 2017. Parents of students are very against Hale’s dress code policy too. 7th graders are upset, parents are upset, everyone is upset. So many parents want to change the dress code, so the dean who created the dress code, created a meeting to listen to all the parents opinions and thoughts about the dress code this year. “I hate this dress code so much!” “It’s ridiculous how I can’t even wear leggings.” I literally covered my bum with my jacket and I still got dress coded!” “I am so mad!” “I will never wear shorts this long!” Kids all around the school are complaining.

One day, during 4th period P.E., The dean set up a talk for the students about the Hale area and obviously, the dress code. The dean explains that the reason why the dress code is so strict is because she doesn’t want kids getting made fun of. Everyone sighed when they heard the dean say that. Most of the girls at Hale are so against dress code that they don’t even care about it. There are kids all around Hale violating the dress code. Girls are wearing really short shorts, really short shirts, tank tops, leggings without covering their bums with a shirt or a jacket. Everyone wants to stop the dress code this year!

Weeks later, the parents who absolutely disliked the dress code, were in a meeting with the dean. Parents were arguing and arguing to stop this dress code. After the meeting, all kids hear are the parents yelling and talking angrily. Most parents were unhappy with the dress code rule. After the meeting, almost all of the parents were complaining and annoyed. The parents were probably more mad about the dress code than the kids at Hale are. The parents need a way to stop this dress code.

After a couple of meetings with parents of children and the dean, the dean has said that 2 of the arguments were accepted but one was declined. The dean announced, “Next week we will have another ┬ámeeting to see if we are going to accept the other argument by the parents.” The dean still has not decided if the Hale dress code is going to change. Children are still talking about the dress code and are excited to find out what the new dress code will be!

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Dress Code