Top 4 Different Best Cars To Buy

I have many different ideas for what car you would want when your older. For example sports cars, Family cars, two person car, truck all of them! I am going to tell you the price, what comes with the car, why should you get it.

The first good family car is a volvo xc90 with the price of $26,400. The second good family car is the Honda HR-V with the price of $21,205. I think these are amazing prices for these cars because they come with amazing features.

The Volvo xc90 features: 1. A push button for you to start/stop the engine and you start the car by keeping your foot on the brake and turning the engine knob to start. 2. If you need to do some texting or calling you can easily change the drive mode too. 3. The 360º cameras are helpful, especially when parking.

The Honda HR-V is also a very good family car. It features bendable seats with a soft leather texture along with it. It also comes with a camera behind the car, you can see where you are going behind, the cars are also automatic Most cars don’t have tinted windows so you are so suppose to get tinted windows your self but this car features tinted windows!

Image result for volvo xc90Image result for 2016 Honda HR-V

Now the sports cars! We have a Ferrari f12 and a Lamborghini! These are super fast cars that are sometimes dangerous. The Ferrari f12 can range around $188,425. The Lamborghini can range up to about $200,000. The Ferrari f12 features every vent and duct of the 812’s bodywork is designed with efficiency. That includes vanes in the front bumper that contain air coming out in the front of the car in a way that the width is made out of medal and flaps forward of the front wheels open above 180 km to increase air under the car. The Lamborghini is very interesting actually, the Lamborghini is named after the founder of the company Ferruccio Lamborghini. The Lamborghini features a really fast engine! It also comes with sports mode, the sports mode makes your car go really fast and have a loud engine with it too. It has nice leather seats and the doors of the car go above the car which is pretty cool.

 Image result for ferrari f12Image result for lamborghini
These are the top 4 best cars to get if your into sports car’s or family cars. The family cars can also be if you have big dogs or you can have it big because you feel protective. These are the reasons why to get these 4 cars.