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Supreme Hypebeasts of Hale Charter Academy

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When you spend a day in Hale there is a lot that goes on, and many people are into the new style of Supreme. I feel when I see people wearing tons of Supreme clothing it makes me interested in the style and what kinds of collection there are. I took a day to interview 3 people from my Journalism class and what they said is very cool and is a great style.

Jose 7th grader: The leader of a so called group Supreme Hypebeasts: My interview started off with the question, What is Supreme and what got you into it. He replied with,”I am a Hypebeast and I am really into the new style of Supreme, and I want to get as many people into my group as I can to make it lit.” I then felt the need to ask what type of Supreme gear do you like and wear, and he said that he likes the headbands and the shirts because it makes you look cool. “I want get as much gear as so I can look super cool.”

Jaden DaCosta an 8th grader, his opinion on the way Supreme has developed and changed the way people wear and look at Supreme: I really wanted to know people’s opinions on what they think of everyone who is wearing Supreme and what it looks like when they see Hypebeasts wearing gear. I started off by asking what he thinks of Supreme, and he responded with,” I think Supreme is lit and I really like the style and how it looks on people especially there is a woman who wears it. I think it looks super cool.” I then asked what he thinks about it on his friends and the reply from him was not too shocking,” I have a friend named Steven Freed in 8th grade and he is addicted to Supreme. I really like how he wars something Supreme almost every single day. He is a very big Hypebeast and is one of the most rich kids of the Supreme group.” The shocking part was show much he spent and when I confronted Jaden with this he said more than $500 on Supreme gear. I really liked the opinion of a person who is around Supreme all day long.

Grayson Klein 8th grader a huge Hypebeast in Hale Charter Academy: When look around Hale you can’t find a Hypebeast this into Supreme as Grayson Klein. He is so addicted that it is very awesome to see all the gear he has. I asked him what he like about Supreme and what got him into it. He had a very thorough explanation,” It is so lit and I love all the people that are Hypebeasts or want to be. He also said that the gear is super cool and he wants more of it. I then wanted to know the pricing of gear and what it would cost to get it and it was shocking how expensive it was. He had told me,”A headband cost $50 and a t-shirt costs like $100.” I was so shocked a t-shirt is $100 and people actually buy it. I then asked if you could get anything you want that is Supreme what would it be. He told me,” I really like the Supreme shoes and I wish I could have them.” He also told me the cost and I was blown away with the answer of $500. I could not believe what he told me.

I hope people learn that if you could have something Supreme then you can hang with these groups and maybe you can have a hobby of being addicted to Supreme. There are many people that want Supreme, but cannot afford it and after these interviews I really want to get some Supreme gear and I want to know about it. Supreme is a cool way of life and a good way to join a group.

Interview was done outside during lunch and I got some good information about Supreme.

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Supreme Hypebeasts of Hale Charter Academy