People’s Favorite Fast Food Restaurants

I asked 20 people what their favorite fast food restaurants were, they had a choice of Taco Bell, McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, In-n-Out, or another restaurant. Most people chose In-n-Out Burger, because of their animal fries and their cheeseburgers, eight people chose In-n-Out.

The other fast food restaurant people like is in the category called “Others”, it is a category for the other fast food restaurants people like, when people choose other they said their favorite fast food restaurants were, Pollo Loco, The first person that choose Others said her favorite fast food restaurant was Pollo Loco, because she said she likes how the chicken tastes freshly grilled, how the rice and beans taste freshly made and the lettuce tastes freshly chopped. The second person that chose others said her favorite fast food restaurant was Subway, she chose Subway because she likes that you can make your own sandwich and choose your bread. The next person that choose others chose Chipotle she chose Chipotle because she likes how you  can choose what you want it your bowl or burrito and quesadillas. The last person that chose Others, chose others because she said she likes how you can choose what to put in your bowl/plate she also said she loves the fortune cookies. Four people chose Others.

The next category was a tie, It was McDonald’s and Wendy’s. Wendy’s got three votes, people choose Wendy’s, because they like the chicken nuggets and cheeseburgers with bacon they said. Another person said they like Wendy’s for their fries. McDonald’s also got three votes, which tied McDonald’s and Wendy’s. I asked whoever chose McDonald’s why they chose McDonald’s and one person said they chose McDonald’s because, they liked the fries. Another person chose McDonald’s because they like the McFlurry’s or dessert and they love the cheeseburgers.

The next categories tied, it was a tie between Taco Bell and Burger King. Taco Bell got one voted she said she chose Taco Bell because she likes the crunchy tacos and the freezies. The next person who chose Burger King said she likes Burger King out of everything else because she said she likes the different shakes, like the Lucky Charm Shake and the Fruit Loop milkshake.

Everyone likes different Fast Food Restaurants for their different reasons and different foods, but my favorite fast food restaurant would have to be In-n-Out. I would choose In-in-Out because, I love the milkshakes and the cheeseburgers.