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Issues With Hale and How to Fix Them

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Hale is a relatively good school, as long as you get into the honors program. There are still many flaws with the school. I will be going over these flaws and how you can improve them. We may as well start with the food. The food at most public schools, is awful. The food is supposed to be healthy, and keep kids from getting obese (which is not working). Most people get the opposite effect from this “healthy” food. Instead of buying these meals, they spend their money on junk from the student store. I have an idea on how to get kids to eat their lunch again. We should have a compromise between good taste and healthiness. Things don’t need to be junk food or be something only moms on Keto eat.

Another issue with Hale is all the ridiculous rules that no one is even going to follow. We should only have several general rules, and enforce them with an iron fist. Wear clothes, respect teachers, and keep out of fights is enough. Speaking of fights, the “zero tolerance” policy is atrocious. If kids are having fights and going through arguments, don’t just yell at them and walk away expecting all to be solved. If two kids are simply shoving each other or saying vulgar things, ignore it. Let them handle it on their own, and expect issues to occur. We’re not CareBears. With more serious issues like full-fledged fights and bullying, don’t just yell at everyone and expect the issue to be solved. Maybe you should try to find out what’s going on, and help both students. These things are not black and white.

I saved the worst thing about Hale for last. The honors program. Here at Hale, you have to be really low-level to not be in honors. So many poor students are put in honors, lazy kids who just don’t care. Odds are, about one-third of your honors class is chock full of them. There are two reasons why the honors program is overcrowded. I think one reason there are so many honors classes is because most teachers wouldn’t want to handle regular classes and the chaos of them. They also like to be considered an honors teacher, and many would probably move to another school if they taught regular classes. Second up and also the biggest reason honors is broken, is political correctness. In recent years, programs have been added that give people of color special treatment. This gives the opposite effect of what it’s supposed to. We have these programs which are supposed to support equal rights. But these people don’t have equal rights. They don’t get fair treatment, they get better treatment. And many of these kids who get special treatment don’t deserve it.


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Issues With Hale and How to Fix Them