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How To Draw The Very VERY Basics

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If you came here you either want to learn how to draw or hate on the article, but for whatever reason, welcome. If you want to learn how to draw then you came to the right place. I’m still learning so then don’t judge me if it’s really bad, also I’m trying to describe drawings in words so if you don’t know what I’m talking about then I’ll clarify.  So in this article you’ll find drawing tips and how to draw cartoon-ish type of faces,  different type bodies, and limbs. I will slowly move to more detailed drawings and shading but for now cartoons.

To start off a drawing you need a circle for the type of cartoon face which is easy to do:

here is the circle

Now the best way to start is with a circle then try to draw something random like shapes or a random figure. If you try that once per day you’ll most likely draw better drawings every day. Now what I draw for the body is I draw two lines mostly similar, as the shoulders. Then for the arms I drew just two lines and put little stubs, it’s not done yet, those stubs are for the part of your arm that is the joint that moves your arm, just think of being the character your drawing. You don’t want him to have arms that are always straight. so now do the same as the other piece of the arm but put it in another position to make it look more lively.

Now time to draw the body, if whatever your drawing is chubby person then draw them a little round, it won’t offend them but we’ll all know where you were going with the drawing. If they are skinny then draw them as stick and bones, or if they’re a normal weight then just draw it how you would normally. Now for feet and hands I’m still learning myself so don’t judge. For hands you should draw just a glove type of hand, because read the title. For feet then same but make it a semi-circle for the feet.

I almost forgot the legs, do the same for the arms. So for the face draw oval but a triangular piece of the oval out of it on the side, then fill in the oval. For the mouth just draw a curve, it doesn’t matter how it looks like just make sure it looks like a smile, or some emotion. Thank you for reading and the next one will be coming soon…Bye.

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How To Draw The Very VERY Basics