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My Top 3 Articles This Year

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  1. xxxtentacion is my favorite article of this year that I wrote. This is an article about the rapper xxxtentacion. X has made many songs over the years. His most popular songs are “Look at Me”, “R.I.P Roach”, “Sippin Tea In Yo Hood”, and “Vice City”. X is one of my favoite rappers and this was a fun article to write

2. Healthist Foods this is one of my favorite articles because it taught me what the healthiest foods were. I needed to know because I wanted to go on a diet and lose some weight. Some of the healthiest foods are salmon, beans, and fish oil.

3. NBA Finals is also one of my favorites because this was a very fun game to watch and it was fun writing the article. The Cleveland Cavaliers were playing the Golden State Warrior in the NBA finals. The Warriors defeated the Cavs in game one of the NBA Finals


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My Top 3 Articles This Year