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BMC Contested Territory (Strat)

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BMC is an old game, but as in recent articles I have said, the people who play it still love everything about it! The game is about killing bloons in your very own Monkey City made by Ninjakiwi. It is kind of similar to clash of clans, needing time upgrades and the building of things on a physical layout. Contested Territory is a big part of the game, serving as an extra farm, but it is better because it doesn’t have a money cap.

Contested territory may seem unalluring to early players, but you go against people who are the same level or near to you, making it a fair fight to claim the territory. At low levels, from rank 1-17 your strategy should be to just place everything you possibly can because in the early levels you will almost always be able to place everything that you have. And because the game mode goes on forever until you die, you might as well place every defense that you can!

So you have reached rank 18, this is when your starting to get better, able to place in game farms and upgrade them in your physical base. You should ASAP get banana research facility for the banana farm and you need to get the apache dartship upgrade for the Heli-Pilot. This will give you amazing money making abilities as well as a super strong defensive tower. If you have 6, 4-2 Banana Research facility you will make about 18k per round which is crazy money, allowing you to basically get 1 Apache Heli-Pilot every single round. So the basic strategy is get as many apache’s as possible into the map and place every other strong tower you have, like Ninja’s and Moab Mauler Cannon’s. You will be getting to round 40+ in no time with this strategy and you will be able to beat everyone in your contested territory and make that $$$.

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BMC Contested Territory (Strat)