Top 5 Best Articles We Wrote

June 2, 2017

This is our last journalism article at Hale Charter Academy and we wanted to make an article on our best articles (Wow said article a lot). We worked really hard on all these articles so I hope you enjoy.

Spiderman ps4

This is a preview of the game Spiderman Ps4 this is one of our first articles ever written together on a game preview. This is our Top 5 article because we wrote it based off only the trailer. The game doesn’t even have gameplay out yet and there is no announce date except for that it’s in 2017.

Destiny Gun Skill

This is one of our good articles because we really enjoyed making it and we wrote a lot. We enjoy playing Destiny and we wanted to write out a well thought out article about Destiny gun skill. If you want to get better at Destiny we recommend you read this article to get better at shooting.

Hunter Tips

Hunter tips is our third best article because it can help you a lot when you play Destiny. As a Hunter you have 3 subclasses; Gunslinger, Bladedancer, and Nightstalker. In this article they tell you tips for each class.We uses these tips all the time while playing and I can see improvements every day.

Top 3 Hip Hop dance group

If you like to dance or go to many party this article is perfect for you. This article is filled with our top 3 favorite hip hop dance group. The dancer groups in this article are Future Kingz, The Jabbawockeez, and Ayo and Teo. These are all very good dancers and you can learn a lot of cool dance moves just by watching these dancers.


Earthquake is our best article that we have written this year. This article tells you about the major earthquake on the California fault line and warns you to get shelter. We explain how scientist were able to make a seismograph that can predict when an earthquake is going to occur. At the end of the article we end it with a twist.

Thank you very much for reading our articles. We put a lot of work and enjoyed writing these articles. This is our very last article and we are going to miss writing for The Hale Telescope.

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