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The Faceless Cusk

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Scientists have started to search the depths of the ocean because it still remains one of Earth’s greatest mysteries. There have been a huge number of sea expeditions searching for the great unknown deep down in the ocean. A month long voyage that was sent from the coast of Australia and it has discovered new mysterious animals including what is now called the “Faceless Cusk”.

Scientists took a great interest to the Faceless Cusk. The fish measures to about 22 inches long in length. The texture of the fish was described as a “Slimy Torpedo.” The Faceless cusk has no visible eyes or any signs of features on its face. The only thing seen on its face was it’s two nostrils. The mouth of the Faceless Cusk was located on the bottom of the fish’s body making the fish just a whole lot weirder in its looks.

Before recently the “Faceless Cusk” was only spotted once before all the way back in 1873. The ship that spotted the fish was caught barely off the coast of Papua New Guinea. The most recent expedition that spotted the new fish was ran by Dr. Tim O’Hara who worked at the Australia’s Museums Victory. To get to near the depths of the ocean the team used a net that reached 2.5 miles beneath the ocean’s surface. Dr. O’Hara’s team said that nearly ⅓ of what they captured was never seen in the world of science. None of the discoveries were as interesting as the “Faceless Cusk” Image result for deepoceanthough.

The way Dr. O’Hara describes the Faceless cusk shows how amazed scientists are about the discovery. This fish is like no other fish discovered before especially because it’s mouth is located at the bottom of it’s body. Even though scientists discovered a new type of fish they still believe without any doubt that there will be many different and new discoveries to come.




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The Faceless Cusk