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Dinosaurs Might Never Become A Reality

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The dream of “Jurassic Park” becoming a reality is a really common dream especially for scientists that have been studying dinosaur bones their entire  lives. Sadly, scientists have declared this dream will never be able to become a reality. The way scientists declared “Jurassic Park” never becoming a reality was by studying the Collagen that was recovered from a Tyrannosaurus rex bone.

Even though scientists have proof that dinosaurs will never be alive again some scientists are still hesitant about the idea of them one day walking the Earth. These scientists believe  that dinosaurs will be alive once again and hope that the protein sequences found in the bones of  dinosaurs could still be recovered. The reason they are hoping to recover the protein sequences is because once they recover them recovering the DNA will be a lot easier.Image result for dinosaurs

When scientists started to recover protein sequences it was like a near breakthrough to the world. Many scientists and even the public were way over excited about this discovery happening. Scientists keep on studying and comparing the protein sequences from an ostrich and from a dinosaur fossil they found. The two sequences had very strong similarities. Scientists also did an experiment with an alligator and ostrich. They weren’t expecting to get any big results out of the experiment, but they did and they believe the collagen fingerprints they collected from both the ostrich and the alligator could bring back time.



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Dinosaurs Might Never Become A Reality