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Antarctica Melting

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While scientists were studying at Antarctica they came across a surprising discovery and not a good one according to the researchers at Columbia University’s Earth Institute. The researchers discovered that the ice is melting way quicker than what was expected from previous predictions about the problem. Scientists are now predicting that the ice will now  start to be melting at a much faster pace.

These finding were published in the journal Nature, it stated that Antarctica there was a huge amount of water draining from the ice that was melting. The melting was in places where scientists didn’t expect the melting to be. A video from the Earth’s Institute showed a huge waterfall that was about 400 foot wide to now be only a river of waterImage result for antarctica that goes down an ice shelf all the way into the ocean.

The ice shelf the water goes down is called the Nansen ice shelf. The ice shelf is about 30 miles long and 10 miles wide. There doesn’t seem to be a problem coming from the glacier in the near future but scientists are keeping a close eye on it. If there are going to be any problems with the glacier they will happen very soon especially since the temperatures are starting to drop down. Scientists are finding critical problems with the drainages of melting water in many parts of Antarctica’s ice. Hopefully these problems don’t continue but if they do we have great researchers and many scientists working on the problem.


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Antarctica Melting