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Top 3 Best Rookies in MLB

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For the first 60 games of the MLB season all the talk has been around the uprising of the new comers. Rookies have take over the league ranging from the most home runs to playing the best defense. Right now the old veterans are being bested by the new guys but will it last. We will find out, for roght now here are the top 3 best rookies of the MLB.

3. Andrew Benintendi- Andrew plays for the Red Sox and oh how good he is. He came from the Minors batting a .376 and continued his groove into the MLB. In 105 at bats he averaged a .295 with 11 doubles  and 2 home runs and has been swinging the bat pretty well. He is a young player that knows the strike zone really well.

2. Cody Bellinger- Bellinger of the Los Angeles Dodgers is really a nice story in his MLB debut he hit his first home run and has been carrying the team since then. With the team leading 11 home runs he has been the player the Dodgers have needed after having both Justin Turner and Andrew Toles, Bellinger can fill in about any spot.

1. Aaron Judge- As the nickname the “Judge” because he can really hit the ball. Not even with the team leading home runs but the league leading home runs the Judge has it 17 home runs in his first season of the MLB. As of right now he gets all the attention playing for the red hot New York Yankees and he is just a beast.

From the young to the old those three rookies have been the best so far and most likely will keep up this pace. All three are definitely contenders for the Rookie of the Year and even the Judge is a contender for MVP. All the talk has been around these three players and wont go away.

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Top 3 Best Rookies in MLB