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20 Life Hacks

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This is a list of 20 lifehacks that can be used in everyday life. A lifehack is a specific tool or technology to make your life easier. The term life hacking was popularized by a technology journalist Danny O’ Brein. He made a short presentation on the term life hack and it now is very popular. The American Dialect voted the word lifehack as the second most useful word of 2015.

  1. To make your smile look more genuine you can squint your eyes a little bit.
  2. Wrap a wet paper towel around a beverage so that it will cool down faster.
  3. To easily remove the stem of a strawberry you can push a straw through the center of the strawberry.
  4. If you need to boost the sound of the speaker on your phone you can place it in a glass to amplify the sound.
  5. You can use a hair straightener to iron the collars of your shirt.
  6. To make an ice pack all you have to do is place a damp sponge in a ziploc bag into the freezer and after a while it will be an icepack ready to us.e
  7. To avoid burning yourself while lighting a candle you can light a spaghetti stick and use that instead of a lighter.
  8. Put a glass of water in the microwave when you microwave pizza to keep the crust from getting chewy.
  9. To remember what u let ur friends borrow take a picture with them and the item u let them borrow on your phone.
  10. Paint keys with nail polish so u know which one is which.
  11. To remove  permanent marker from clothes use hand sanitizer.
  12. When you’re almost finished with your jar of nutella put Ice cream in it.
  13. Use dental floss to cut cake very evenly.
  14. Use a tea bag to treat sunburn.
  15. To restore old wood rub a walnut on it.
  16. Close chip bags with pants hangers.
  17. To remove car dents use dry ice.
  18. To Fix a stuck zipper use graphite.
  19. Stack your clothes vertically so you can see all of them.
  20. Use accented letters in your passcode and nobody will ever guess your password.
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20 Life Hacks