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Overwatch Anniversary!

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The Overwatch Anniversary is here! It’s their 1 year anniversary. Throughout their one year of this amazing game they have added 3 characters many maps, emotes, voice lines, and good skins. Overwatch is a competitive game including 24 characters and 4 game modes to play on. The game modes you can play are quickplay which is kind of like the game mode Comp. Then there is Arcade which has multiple game modes within it. Comp is actually called Competitive and is a 6 on 6 game. There is ranks and you can climb up to the leaderboard.

The 24 characters you can play as are Genji, Hanzo, Pharah, McCreee, Sombra, Tracer, Bastion, SymImage result for overwatch anniversaryetra, Mercy, Lucio, Ana, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Solider 76, Reaper, Zenyatta,, Orisa, Widowmaker, Winston, Zarya, Junkrat, Mei, and Torbjorn. All the characters have unique abilities and need skill and practice to use many of them. Although I won’t list all of the abilities for each hero in the article.

Let’s talk about the real reason your reading this. It’t to learn about the anniversary. In the anniversary they actually put some pretty cool stuff. They let you play for free for 4 days. From May 26 to May 29, you could play the game for free. They said the game was $20 off but instead it’s $10 off. For example the regular edition is $40 and because of the anniversary they made it $30. They added 11 or 12 legendary skins and now a lot of youtubers are opening loot boxes and hoping that they would get the legendary skins. They added more than 100 emotes and voicelines.

The skins all look cool and they also added new maps. The Genji skin looks like a green power ranger and is called Genji Sentai. There is also a new Hanzo skin called the Cyberninja. The other very cool skin that people want is called Jazzy is a lucio skin. With the jazzy skin Blizzard made the music lucio plays different than the default music.There are other skins but these three are the most popular.

The Anniversary ends on June 12 so if you can play Overwatch, go buy some loot boxes. The Loot boxes are 24 for $20 and if you play arcade mode you can get loot boxes for free. If you don’t have overwatch its on sale for $20 and its going for $30 online.



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Overwatch Anniversary!