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Top 5 Best Ways to Make Money in GTA

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GTA V is one of the most popular console games of all time. Although it has been 4 years since it came out, GTA V is still so popular. Obviously you want to make money, because that way you can buy stuff. Here is a list of the top 5 ways to make money, so you can get rich and have fun.

#1 MC Business Glitch:

is the best way. Period. You can glitch the game to fill your entire stock (450,000) in five minutes, and then quickly sell it. All you have to have is a business, preferably cocaine. Then you can let the cash roll in. First you steal supplies, so you have 2 bars of supplies, then you must make sure you have $0 stock when you start. Just hit steal supplies, and then once you walk out, click find new session. Then you get 30,000 dollars in your stock each time. It is very fast, and the best money maker in the game, although it may get patched soon.

#2 Pacific Standard on Hard:

is  the fifth heist you can do. It gives you 1.25 million every single time, and if you have a good team, you can finish 5 setups in an hour. If you scam people, you can get 60% for PAC Standard, making insane money. It is just a little unreliable since sometimes you cannot scam others, and other times your team sucks. But if your team and strategy is good, you will make millions using PAC Standard, especially if you use the SWAT van glitch. This is still a great moneymaker, and it always will be.

#3 CEO Vehicle Cargo:

First of all, this is expensive, you must pay a LOT, but after a while you will make much more than your money back. The cost of a Bank is 1 million and a vehicle warehouse is 1.5 million totaling at a 2.5 million investment. But, it is worth it, the way this works is you get to source 3 types of cars; Top, Mid, and Standard Range. Top range having harder missions and Standard giving easier ones. The highest payout for top range is 100k, but standard range is a 35k payout, what we recommend is setting your spawn to last location and keep finding new sessions for only Top Range Cars. The payouts on this are a little different from most, you can get paid less based on what your driving skills are. While sourcing (getting) the car you can lose money if you crash and when exporting (selling) the car you can lose money to crashes as well, along with the car costing 20k to export for upgrades. So on average per TOP Range car you will make about 70k-80k.

#4 Double Cash – Double RP modes:

This mode covers a lot of different game modes, this can include Adversary modes which are mostly fun. There are over 20 adversary modes and recently Rockstar has been remaking old modes which were previously played a lot but have died down due to low payouts. The same goes for Stunt Races, the only reason people still play those are because either they are VERY good at racing or the race is Double Cash, because those are the only ways that make it worth it. Stunt races and special vehicle races have gotten old, but with double payouts they are starting to be played more often and more competitively.


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Top 5 Best Ways to Make Money in GTA