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President Duterte Announces Martial Law

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Philippines President Duterte declared the martial law in southern Mindanao. This island is home to over 20 million people had had been under this law for the past week after the Islamic attack in the city of Marawi. On Thursday, special forces were trying to maintain order as civilians began to flee the city. Mr. Duterte is also considering expanding the law throughout the country to secure the nation. Some people are concerned wImage result for martial law philippines 2017ith the nationwide martial law which could lead to the military taking away some human rights in the country,

On May 23, 2017, the martial was the declared after the attack with three security force officers dead and several burned buildings in the area. This is part of Duterte’s war on drugs in which 7,000 people have been killed for since June and has violated many human rights in the Philippines. The Philippine military will enforce the law and ignore any civilian authorities. They will have control of searches and arrest without giving them the right to be brought before a judge known has the habeas corpus.

This is the second time martial law has been used in the Philippines. This is intended to last 60 days and only applies to the island of Mindanao. But, it could be extended longer. Islamist militant uprisings aren’t new to the country’s south, the previous year the Abu Sayyaf carried kidnappings through the nation. The attack in Marawi was believed to be associated with the Abu Sayyaf militant, which is linked with ISIS.



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President Duterte Announces Martial Law