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Operation Hydra CS:GO

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CS:GO has had many updates in 2017 but it hasn’t had a new operation since operation Wildfire. Operation wildfire came out February 17, 2016 that’s about 15 months ago. This operation was leaked during 2016 and all the maps have been known for a while. People thought the operation was going to come out a lot sooner but valve saved it for a while.

Many new have been added for competitive, casual and death match play. Other game modes were added in a special event called war games. These include Heavy Assault Suit, Headshot Only, Hunters-Gatherers, Stab Stab Zap, The Flying Scoutsman, and Trigger discipline. The new maps are Insertion, Thrill, Austria, Shipped, Agency, and Black gold.

A new case was also released with 17 new skins with gloves. There are 2 new red skins called Five seveN Hyper beast, and the new Awp Oni Taiji. The are 3 new pink skins called the m4a4 Hellfire. Dual Berettas Corbra Strike,  And Galil AR Sugar Rush. There are other 12 skns no one cares about because they aren’t good.


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Operation Hydra CS:GO