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Top 3 Rides at Universal Studios

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Have you ever heard of the theme park Universal Studios? This theme park is made by the entertainment company known as Universal Studios. It first started as just being a place with a bunch of studios which they would film shows. Then they decided to make the place include rides for other people to come and enjoy. There are 7 rides there if you don’t include the shows or the 4-D movies they allow you to watch.

  1. Harry Potter: Harry Potter is a movie that is based of  the school known as “Hogwarts” and a boy that goes there known as Harry potter. The school teaches special kids on how to use there magic powers. The movies did so well they made a ride of it. The ride is like a giant conveyor belt that take you through the whole school.
  2. The Simpsons: The Simpsons is a show that airs on Fox network and is produced by Matt Groening, one of the cartoon artist of Universal Studios. The show is a family living in the down Springfield and the town is just very unintelligent so it makes the show very funny. They made a ride of you going through Springfield and you are trying to survive from the enemy Known as Side Show Bob.
  3. Revenge of the Mummy:  The mummy is an old movie that people go to a tomb of a mummy and release the mummy. The actual ride is not much like the actual movie. It first gives you a tour of the tomb then shoots you into complete darkness with mummies flashing up everywhere then you stop at one point and it feels like beetle crawl on you legs.

Universal Studios is a very fun theme park. If you haven’t been there you should go and check it out and spend the whole day there for not just rides but other activities. These rides are really fun and you should try them out if you ever go there. You should also check out the activities and shows the provide to you.

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Top 3 Rides at Universal Studios