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NHL Finals Approach

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Penguins vs. Senators

The Penguins and Senators are locked in a very tight match-up. They both want to go to the Finals, and it is time for game 7. The game will be on May 25th. The Penguins feel very confident that they will win the game. Many people are saying that Ottawa is too young of a team to win a game 7 against the Predators. The Predators are very experienced and have a great franchise. This game will go to the Penguins if Senators don’t come up with a good strategy.

Ducks vs. Predators

The Predators destroyed the Ducks in 6 games in the third round. This earned the Predators a spot in the Finals. The Predators came in to the playoffs as the 16th seed. Every second that they stay alive now, they are making history. They can be the first 16th seed to win the Stanley cup, or the first to lose in the finals. This outcome was very unexpected. The Kings were the 15th team in 2012, and they won the cup. No matter the outcome, you should watch the finals nonetheless.

The Finals

If the Senators go to the Finals with the Predators, the Predators are expected to rip them apart. This is the first time in Predators history that they have ever gone to the Stanley Cup Finals. If the Penguins go to the Finals, then it will be a cold series for the Predators. Depending on the outcome the Predators can either win or lose in the Finals.

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NHL Finals Approach