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Penguins and Senators Game 7

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The Senators have been battling hard against the number one seeded team, after they were not even expected to make it past the first round they have come very far. The Penguins had a chance to close out the series in game 6 when they had a 3-2 series lead the Senators stayed with them and won 2-1 to send the series into game 7. The game will be played in Pittsburgh and so far in game 7 the home team record is 1-1 but the Senators have already won a game in Pittsburgh so they have showed they can win on the road. The game starts on 5

The winner of the series will play the Predators who defeated the Ducks in 6 games. The Predators were also expected to lose to the Chicago Blackhawks in the first round swept them and shown their ability to win games. Which ever teams wins game seven will have a difficult time getting past the Predators for the big prize, the Stanley Cup. Speaking of which the Senators or Predators have wn a Stanley Cup but on the other hand the Penguins won last year, the last time a team won back to back Stanley Cups was in

For both the Penguins and Senators they need their big players to come up big, especially their captains. Erik Karlson is the Senators captain and main defense-men, he brings a special presence to the team and has 16 points in the playoffs so far and it leads his team. If Erik Karlson brings his game tonight the Penguins chances will go down. On the other hand Sydney Crosby, the Penguins captain is considered the best player in the league. On the ice he can be unstoppable and the Penguins need him to come up big. In the playoffs so far he has scored 19 points which is second best. Both squads need their big players to come up for them in this game seven.


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Penguins and Senators Game 7