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Why Education is Important

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Schools are the places that lay the base of a child’s growth. They help students develop responsibilities like citizenship and teach them morals to become good human beings. Once you leave the education system, we have doors unlocked for new opportunities. Education gives us knowledge about what is around us and creates a way for a good career, awareness, and a foundation for a stronger country.

Going to school to gain an education is not only important but it has it’s benefits later in life. When going to school you learn how to socialize and get along with many different people with different personalities. It is proven that you get social and personal gains from a standard time of going to school. Learning how to understand the different levels of numeracy, literacy, and many new life skills is huge benefit for later in life when you really need it the most. Many people who go to school later get themselves out of poverty.

When students that are in poverty go to school their school accounts usually raise around 10% later in life when they make earnings. When going to school the chances of malnutrition is smaller than if a student didn’t go to school. Around 1990 when there was an expansion of women’s education there was a study and the results were surprising. There was a huge cutback in a child’s death. The test said that since women have been allowed to get an education at a school there was around 900,000 students that were saved from getting ill or even the chance of death. When kids get an good education it reduces people’s chances of getting diseases.

Education gives us a way to have a new perspective and outlook on life. It helps people a way of interpreting topics and applying information in real-life scenarios. Although education is learned a from textbooks, is can also be obtained from lesson in life. Schooling also teaches us to realize what career path we are heading towards. When we go in-depth in that subject for that particular field, it opens doors for job opportunities. We use our expertise in a skill to find a way to apply it in the real world. Learning also teaches us the different between right and wrong making us more civilized human beings. It develops us into mature adults that are capable of planning for the future and make ethical decisions in life.

Education enriches us and gives people a way of understanding concepts in a different perspective. It makes us confident and develops skills like the abilities to process and judge information. Having an education gives you a better enriched lifestyle. Our economy will start to grow if more people start to go to school and gain an education.



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Why Education is Important