California Earthquake is Near!

March 30, 2017

We all know about the San Andreas fault line. If you don’t it is the fault line in California waiting to shake. If the Earthquake is strong enough California will split from America. Scientists have found that changing the seismograph meter to a lighter metal that is more sensitive and can predict earthquakes. With their new graph they have found that on April 1, 2017 there will be a earthquake that splits California from America.  

Even though people say it is impossible that California will go into the sea, scientist proved them wrong. Recently scientist made the seismic needle, aluminum, which is a light metal that is more sensitive to the vibrations in the Earth. A seismograph tells when the earthquake happened, where the epicenter is, the depth in where the earthquake occurred, and the amount of energy it releases. So by making the needle more sensitive we will be able to tell when the earthquake will happen.

The fault currently is like plates stacked on top of each other waiting for a slide between the plates. When this happens the plates will break in half and split from the remaining land and only a small portion from Northern California will stay. Tell everybody you know to get ready to split from America. We will not float away but there will be huge gap between California and the United States.

With this split it is more likely that California will become its own country. There is a pro-secession group that believes that California should form its own nation. The departure from the US is going to be called Calexit. They got this name from UK’s Brexit when they left the European Union. After President Donald Trump was elected many California residents wanted to split away from the US.  



If you live near the border of California, move towards the coast so we can tell you that this is a joke. April Fools! There is no way California will split from America, but there can be a devastating earthquake on the San Andreas fault line. That will probably be many years in the future. The scientists have not found a way to predict earthquakes.

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