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10 Life Hacks For School

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School Life Hacks!

  1. If you have a bunch of notebooks in your backpack and if you don’t know which ones which then you can color the top of your notebook so then you can remember what notebook you need for what class.
  2. If you have smelly shoes after P.E then you can keep two tea bags with you and after P.E you can put the tea bags in your shoes and leave them in your P.E locker. This will prevent your P.E locker and shoes from smelling.
  3. If you don’t have deodorant you can use hand sanitizer on your armpits instead. Because smell is caused by bacteria mixed with sweat so if you have no bacteria it’s less likely that you will smell.
  4. Deodorant is also a great way to soothe a itchy bug bite.
  5. To remember the decimals of Pi just count the letters in the sentence: Can I have a pizza tomorrow at twelve,     3.1415826
  6. If you have to write a essay and you have to delete a bunch of words then instead of using the backspace to delete everything you can use ctrl and backspace to delete the words easier.
  7. Always keep mints with you because its suppose to help you reduce headaches and increases concentration.
  8. If you ever accidentally close an important tab just press ctrl+shift+t and it will reopen your last closed tab.
  9. To save battery and embarrassment of your phone going of in class because someone called you then you can put your phone on airplane mode.
  10. If you have a empty round mint container laying around then you can keep your earbuds in it and it will prevent it from getting dirty or tangled in your backpack.



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10 Life Hacks For School